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Testimonials from Flame Control Users

"The intumescent coating made by Flame Control had been specifically tested for use with Quadrant foam to meet the strict NYS Building Code requirements for a 15-Minute Thermal Barrier.  The intumescent coating was white providing a bright surface for increased lighting efficiency.  By being able to complete the insulation project during the winter months in an unheated building allowed the contractor to meet their timetable for construction. The owners are very happy with the completed project and are eager to move their equipment into their new facility."

Flame Control 60-60A Thermal Barrier United Thermal Systems

"I have to write to compliment the outstanding quality of your product. ?I am a large recording studio owner. ?Recently we built a new facility and the town's officials were very particular regarding coatings and life-safety issues. ?We were relieved when our architect discovered your product. ?I have to tell you that from ceilings, walls, and rough cut timber, to custom furniture, your product not only helped us achieve the result required, the finishes are absolutely beautiful. ?Great product!"

Flame Control No. 141 Varnish White Lake Music & Post

"Antennas are our business.  Thank you to Flame Control who helped to make with your quality, on time delivery and fair pricing.  Thank you for making 2015 a great year, and with your continued partnership, 2016 will be even better."

Flame Control No. 46081 Two Part Epoxy Cobham Antenna Systems