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Fire Retardant Paints

Flame Control Fire Retardant paints are designed to provide rated protection to interior and exterior substrates. Featuring Class A and Hourly Ratings, these paints are ideal for reducing the burn characteristics of many types of surfaces.

Fire Retardant Varnishes

Flame Control Fire Retardant Varnishes provide Class A and Class B ratings to interior wood. These products feature a clear, attractive, durable finish while complying with building and fire codes.

60-60A Applications
Protection for Spray Foam Insulation

Flame Control 60-60A is a single-coat water based intumescent paint that provides a 15-Minute Thermal Barrier on SPF. 60-60A represents the latest in coating technology and has been approved for use on exposed spray foam.

About Fire Retardant Coatings

Flame Control Flame Retardant Coatings are designed to meet federal, state, and local building and fire codes. These coatings retard the spread of flames and reduce heat penetration through intumescent technologies. Flame Control Fire Retardant coatings should be applied when it is necessary or desirous to reduce the flammability of combustible surfaces.

Flame Control Fire Retardant Coatings are ideal for a variety of substrates including wood, sheetrock, metals, fiberglass, composites, concrete, and open and closed cell foams. These coatings are applied using the same typical best practices of standard paint, and have the same aesthetic appearance as conventional architectural coatings

Customer Testimonials

"The intumescent coating made by Flame Control had been specifically tested for use with Quadrant foam to meet the strict NYS Building Code requirements for a 15-Minute Thermal Barrier. The intumescent coating was white providing a bright surface for increased lighting efficiency. By being able to complete the insulation project during the winter months in an unheated building allowed the contractor to meet their timetable for construction. The owners are very happy with the completed project and are eager to move their equipment into their new facility."

Flame Control 60-60A Thermal Barrier
United Thermal Systems

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Flame Control No. 141 Varnish
White Lake Music & Post

Flame Control No. 46081 Two Part Epoxy
Cobham Antenna Systems

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