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Flame Control No. 77 Mastic is a low cost, water base, fire retardant coating, compounded from proprietary fire retardant resins, chemicals, and non-asbestos reinforcing fibers. It has been designed for use on grouped electrical cables and their supporting trays. No. 77 prevents the propagation of fire along the cable surfaces, and greatly increases the fire endurance time of supporting trays through its ablative and synergistic flame suppressing action. 

No. 77 contains no flammable solvents, and therefore, presents no fire hazard while being applied. However, extreme care must be exercised when applying No. 77, as it is a conductor of electricity while wet. (READ "PRECAUTIONS" section before applying.) Fire tested in accordance with IEEE-45, IEEE-383, and ASTM E-84 (UL-723, ULC CAN 4-S 102, NFPA-255, ANSI 2.5, and USC 42-1).

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