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E-119 2 Hour

Flame Control E-119 2 Hour is a water-based, interior, intumescent, latex paint designed for use on walls to increase the time rating of the drywall assembly. Flame Control E-119 2 Hour has been tested in accordance with ASTM E-119 test methodology and has achieved a two hour rating (wall construction assembly listed separately) while also successfully passing the hose stream test.

Flame Control E-119 2 Hour is a low VOC product, and can be Topcoated with Flame Control 40-40 or 400 for varying appearance and added durability. Flame Control E-119 dries to a flat finish while having the appearance of conventional flat latex paint. In the presence of heat, Flame Control E-119 2 Hour intumesces or puffs up, forming a dense protective char that insulates the substrate.

Flame Control E-119 2 Hour can be applied in a single coat, saving application time and reducing labor costs.

Interior / Exterior
Paint / Varnish / Mastic
Water / Solvent Based
Substrate: Drywall
Interior / Exterior: Interior
Paint / Varnish / Mastic: Paint
Water / Solvent Based: Water Based
Rating: 2 Hours

E-119 2 Hour Product Data Sheet(s)

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