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Flame Control No. 40-40A is a Class "A", low-gloss, interior-exterior (*) general purpose latex, (water base) coating. It is rated for use on noncombustible surfaces, and as a topcoat for Flame Control Intumescent Fire Retardant Paint. It dries quickly to yield a highly cleansible-scrubbable water resistant film that possesses excellent adhesion, flexibility and toughness. No. 40-40A is suitable for application to all interior surfaces (except floors and shelving). (*) Exterior application: May be used on exterior masonry surfaces where a highly water resistant, decorative, fire retardant coating is desired.

Interior / Exterior
Paint / Varnish / Mastic
Water / Solvent Based
Substrate: Topcoat for Intumescent Paint
Interior / Exterior: Interior/Exterior
Paint / Varnish / Mastic: Paint
Water / Solvent Based: Water Based
Rating: Class A

40-40A Product Data Sheet(s)

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