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10/10 VOC

Flame Control No. 10 is a Class "B" rated fire retardant penetrating wood treatment designed for EXTERIOR use on previously untreated Cedar Shakes and Shingles. It is very effective in reducing the fire hazards of Cedar and other edge grained woods. No. 10 contains no water soluble salts, therefore, its fire retarding properties are lasting. The liquid penetrates deep into the wood depositing its water insoluble fire retardant polymers. Properly treated wood will char, thereby reducing surface burning characteristics. All exterior coatings are subject to deterioration when exposed to weather. In order to insure maximum continued protection, exposed surfaces should be recoated every three to four years. Exposure to strong sunlight will cause the wood to darken. This is due to the nature of the fire retardant ingredients. This darkening in no way affects or impairs the fire retardant qualities of the treatment. 

Flame Control No. 10 VOC is a Low VOC Formulation of our standard No. 10 and produces the same penetrating treatment as our standard No. 10. Only the solvents which evaporate after treatment are different.

Interior / Exterior
Paint / Varnish / Mastic
Water / Solvent Based
Substrate: Wood/Combustible Surfaces
Interior / Exterior: Exterior
Paint / Varnish / Mastic: Varnish
Water / Solvent Based: Solvent Based

10/10 VOC Product Data Sheet(s)

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