Flame Retardant Mastics


Flame Control Fire Retardant Mastic No. 50-44 Low VOC is an asbestos free, reinforced intumescent thermal protective coating, designed for application to interior structural steel, where it is necessary or desirous to increase the steel fire endurance time. Mastic No. 50-44 Low VOC, when applied at a wet film thickness of 3/16 inch (8.55 sq. ft/US gal.) [4.76mm (0.21 meters sq./L)], on W8 x 28 (W200 x 36 and W200 x 42), as described in ULC design Number O600 and fire tested in accordance with ASTM E-119 (UL-263, ULC-CAN4¬S101, NFPA-251) has been assigned fire resistant ratings of 1 hour. Reference Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada section, or the label on the container.     

Interior / Exterior
Paint / Varnish / Mastic
Water / Solvent Based
Substrate: Structural Steel
Interior / Exterior: Interior
Paint / Varnish / Mastic: Mastic
Water / Solvent Based: Solvent Based
Rating: 1 Hour

50-44 Product Data Sheet(s)

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Flame Control 50-44 MSDS

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