Primers for Fire Retardant Paints


Flame Control No. 3004-A is a fast drying universal industrial metal primer, and an excellent base coat for Flame Control Fire Retardant coatings. It is an ideal primer for use on all metallic surfaces that will be topcoated with alkyds, vinyls, epoxies, urethanes, chlorinated rubber, and intumescent fire protective coatings. It affords excellent corrosion protection, and can be used as a shop primer. It also can be used as a barrier or tie coat over sound, aged conventional paints, before coating with more resistant type coatings.  

Interior / Exterior
Paint / Varnish / Mastic
Water / Solvent Based
Substrate: General Purpose
Interior / Exterior: Interior/Exterior
Paint / Varnish / Mastic:
Water / Solvent Based: Solvent Based

3004 Product Data Sheet(s)

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Technical Data Sheet for 3004

3004 SDS Sheet

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